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"The Standards of the French"

The Original Tank Top for men

Ecofriendly made

The tank top is an icon

Our tank top is designed with respect for tradition. Our mission: to make you look cool with style.

Our tank tops are eco-friendly  made. Basicaly a workwear, we crafted them to have more versatility. It will give you

the opporutnity to wear our models in rugged,  casual or business style.

So that your tank top can follow you in many occasions.

The tank top is a quest for freedom !


The Amboise

The Leonardo

debardeur marcel homme le marceau 100% laine merinos l'esprit des forts

The Marceau

débardeur chic pour homme made in france en noir et blanc
débardeur pour homme le Marceau made in france l'Esprit des Forts

The Canotier


The Deauville

At l'Esprit des Forts we contribute to protect the planet

L’Esprit des Forts is a Pret-à-porter brand fully engaged in environmental responsability, as well as bringing a historical and cultural dimension to what we do. In their design and style, we want our products to be connected to the French Art de Vivre, in a “voyage” between tradition and modernity of fashion.

You want to know more about us ? Discover here la Maison l’Esprit des Forts.

L'art de vivre à la française

For the making of our men tanktops, we have selected for you sustainable and natural fibers in 100% merino wool.

At l’Esprit des Forts we try to reduce our carbon impact all along our value chain, from the making of our products to the shipping at your doorsteps.

Affirm your style with your tanktop for men 100% merino wool

We chose merino wool to create our tank tops. We tell you why.


Discover the unique properties of merino wool

La laine de mérinos est la Rolls Royce de la laine, connue pour sa douceur, c’est une laine de qualité exceptionnelle. La laine mérinos provient de la laine de mouton mérinos qui appartient à la race des ovins à laine fine.


The Tour de France of our tank tops

le tour de france du débardeur l'Esprit des Forts