Discover the unique properties of merino wool

No need for microprocessors to be innovative, nature brings us what she has best.

The best of the wool, the merino

Merino wool is the Rolls Royce of all wool, known for its softness, it is a wool of exceptional quality. Merino wool comes from merino sheep wool which belongs to the breed of sheep with fine wool. These sheeps originally lived in North Africa. Spain dispersed them during the colonial period throughout the world. Today, australians and new zealanders have become the world’s largest producers of merino wool: around 30% of merino wool comes from there.

I stay cool in any circonstances !

Have you ever dreamed of a tank top that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer? Our tank tops use the intelligent thermoregulatory and antiperspirant properties of merino wool whatever the outside temperature.

Our Marcel merino wool tank tops take care of your daily well-being

Merino wool is particularly fine and stands out for its comfort when worn, thanks to the softness of the fibers. It is not itchy and it’s wonderfully light. It will act on you as a second skin very agreable to the touch.

I breath the good air

Our tank tops do not retain odors thanks to the keratin of its fibers that kill bacteria and keep an eye on the grain.

Quickly dry

The fiber structure of our 100% merino Marcel tank tops does not keep moisture. Quickly dry after washing or during sports activities or similar.

By combining the close-fitting cut of the tank tops l’Esprit des Forts, with its elegant design and innovative fibers, our 100% merino wool tank tops are the garment dreamed by occasionnaly sportmen.

Merino wool is beneficial for health thanks to lanolin

The lanolin present in our merino wool tank tops soothes dry, sensitized or irritated skin. Lanolin is a natural molecule found in the wool of sheep. It is one of the rare active principle of animal origin authorized in organic cosmetics.