Nos engagements responsables au service du développement durable.

We have the obligation to transmit to our children a world in which they can flourish, they will have more than us, this sensitivity which binds humanity to earth.

Sustainable development is our priority

Our commitments to sustainable development are at the center of all our attention being concerned by the protection of our planet and your well-being. By purchasing l’Esprit des Forts products, you become an agent of positive change yourself.

We use eco-friendly fibers

We select our fibers so that their ecological footprints are the lowest for the making of our Marcel tank tops. We chose 2 fibers. Merino wool and recycled denim cotton.

Merino wool

Merino wool is a completely natural, biodegradable and eco-responsible fiber, far from the cultivation of cotton. Merino wool has unique natural properties of comfort, thermoregulation, and ease of maintenance. Discover the exceptional properties of merino wool.

Our merino wool tank tops are mono-fiber which facilitates recycling without separation of the different fibers by chemical processes. In addition, wool is recyclable several times, unlike cotton, the fiber of which is shortened in recycling processes and must be mixed with synthetic materials such as polyester before it can be reused.

Recycled denim cotton

Recycled denim cotton is more virtuous for the environment than conventional cotton, because it ignores the ecological constraints associated with growing cotton, processing fibers and transportation. But the problem of rejection of plastic microparticles is not resolved, we are working on it.

Our dyes are OEKO-TEX® certified

The dyes we use for our tank tops are OEOKO-TEX® certified. This allows us to guarantee that our products do not contain any products that are toxic for the planet and to your health.

développement durable

La Grenouillère, our advice for washing, ironing, detaching or repairing your tank top

We have set up a concierge service we have called La Grenouillère in tribute to an old famous place by the River la Seine of Parisian life in the XIXth century, but we will talk to you about that next time. You will find all our advice to maintain your tank top, use it longer and thus contribute to have a positive impact for the planet.

We want to reduce the use of cotton when possible

We use cotton in cases where we do not have the possibility of having more environmentally friendly substitute materials. Forty percent of the clothes we wear today are made of cotton. Cotton is a false friend for the planet, a large consumer of water who uses 10,000 liters of water for only 1 kg of cultivated cotton. Cotton is 26% of pesticides and 11% of herbicides used worldwide according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018. In 2016, 64% of cotton was genetically modified. This observation obliges us to become more virtuous in our manufacturing processes and the choice of our fibers.

Our packaging is recyclable

We have banned the use of plastic in our packaging, in favor of environmentally friendly recyclable materials.

developpement durable et emballage responsable

We have implemented short circuits

We rely on a short circuit strategy in the selection of our suppliers and subcontractors. Today 70% of our partners are located in Occitania where we are.

Through the made in France we have the possibility of promoting our ancestral know-how pledges of quality to better serve you and preserve our jobs.