La Maison l'Esprit des Forts, Chic and Elegance so French !

L’Esprit des Forts is a Prêt-à-porter menswear brand engaged in the creation of responsible and French-made specialized tank top clothing. The origin of our name comes from the brotherhood of the Forts created in the thirteenth century by Louis IX French King. We give paternity of the tank top to the Forts.

Between tradition and modernity

L’Esprit des Forts is a brand resolutely turned towards this desire for beauty and elegance where French culture mix with history and Art de Vivreà la Française. We draw our inspiration from the yesterday’s and today’s standards, while respecting current trends. We want to offer you clothes that have character and reflect your personality.

Our tank tops are made in France

L’Esprit des Forts produces clothes  in France to allow best quality products thanks to this ancestral know-how of the French textile industry, and at the same time we want to work for the preservation of our jobs in locating on French country 100% of our value chain. If you want to know more about our responsible commitments, it’s here: Our responsible commitments.

The textile industry is very damaging for the environment, but we can act.

  • We use eco-friendly fibers, which have the smallest ecological footprint.
  • Our dyes are certified OEKO-TEX®, non-toxic for the planet and for your health
  • Our labels are embroidered and not printed to reduce the use of chemicals
  • We created “La Grenouillère” a free conciergery service, because keeping your tank top longer is being responsible
débardeur français l'esprit des forts Canotier, modèle sur plage avec débardeur chic made in france en laine mérinos
  • We use cotton only when there are no substitutes, because cotton is a false friend for the planet
  • We have implemented short circuits to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Our packagings are 100% recycled
  • Our made in France products is the guarantee of the preservation of our know-how and our jobs in the textile industry

The tank top L'Esprit des Forts' Tour de France

le tour de france du débardeur l'Esprit des Forts
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