The Mythic Original French Tank Top

L’Esprit des Forts reinvent the French mythic Marcel tank top, between tradition and modernity. This legendary clothing item is born in the middle of the XIX’s century. Today the tank top is trendy again.

Insertion in the French population

It was created in XIX’s century during the reign of Napoleon III by “Les Forts des Halles” of Paris”. This useful clothe was worn by all handlers of the Paris central market but also by all Parisian workers. It has been industrialized in Roanne (middle west of France) by Marcel Eisenberg an entrepreneur.

The tank top was also highlighted by the some of the characters painted by Auguste Renoir in 1881 in his painting « Luncheon of the Boating Party »

French workers and farmers are the first to adopt it and who began to wear it under their shirt.
To protect the soldiers from the cold, this garment found a place in the package of « les Poilus » French soldiers during the 1st world war.

In 1936, the French tank top was a symbol of Freedom and social emancipation

Later, in 1936, the first beneficiaries of paid holidays worn this famous knitted sleeveless top representing both a manifestation of liberty and social progress proudly worn by the masculin population.

The French Tank top traveled to America

In 1951 the tank top earned the status of sexy clothe in the film « A Streetcar Named Desire » thanks to Marlon Brando who wears it. Then it will be worn many times in the 7th Art afterward, by Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Mel Gibson, Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Yves Montant, Brad Pit, Bruce Lee, Nicolas Cage and others, becoming the absolut iconic clothe for men.

Recently the tank top seems to leave his status of under-wear to enter the light.