The Rolls-Royce of all wools: The merino

The Merino wool is known for its exceptional softness and among the top-quality wool.
The Merino wool comes from the sheep wool. The Merino sheep belong to the breed of thin wool.
Originally living in North Africa, Spanish people scattered them all over the world during the colonial period. Today, Australians and New Zealanders are the biggest producers of wool in the world: about one third of the Merino wool comes from there.

Merino will keep you fresh under the summer sun!

You were dreaming of a tank top that keeps you warm in winter and fresh in summer?
Our tank tops use the smart properties of Merino wool, both insulating and antiperspirant whatever the temperature of the season.

Our Marcel tank tops in Merino wool will take care of your daily well-being

The Merino wool is particularly thin and stands out for its comfort thanks to the softness of its fiber. Your tank top will be wonderfully light and will never be itchy but acting like a second skin on you.

Fresh all day

Our tank tops do not retain odors thanks to the keratin of its fiber which kills bacteria responsible of possible unpleasant smells. You will be able to wear your tank top longer.

Quickly dry

The fibers structure of our Marcel tank tops in 100% Merino wool does not keep moisture. They are quickly dry after machine wash or during sports activities. They keep your skin dry.

Easy Maintenance

Our tank tops are machine washable. To consult our maintenance recommendations, it is here.

Always ready to wear

They do not crease during washing and they don’t need to be ironed. To consult our maintenance recommendations, it is here.