The Vest Heritage, French Made & Quality

Our vest Heritage collection is a master piece for an elegant look: it is a garment that can be worn alone without having your finger on the seam of the pants or with a shirt and of course with a 3-piece suit. It has acquired over time a leading role in the men’s wardrobe.

Through time, the vest has become an unic protagonist in ceremonies and a precious ally in professional or casual contexts. This waistcoat is a versatile garment and wearing one is an obvious option for a special effect.

We have found that the vest is a pretty smart part of your wardrobe. Indeed, it immediately brings a chic touch to your outfit, making you immediately remarkable and classy. And this even when you are dressed rather casual in a simple way.

It is therefore an essential piece of clothing to have the look that goes well in the office, at the restaurant or in an evening event for instance, if you want all eyes to be on you and to be watched…

Our vests are made on-demand, we do not stock them – Please allow 2 weeks for tailoring – Possibility of tailor-made

The Heritage Vest at l’Esprit des Forts

For our vests we have chosen simplicity, to respect the heritage of French fashion of this garment which basically had no collar or crossed cut. This simple version is therefore our choice.

How to wear your waistcoat properly?

With some exceptions, it should always be worn over a button down shirt and under a simple jacket or blazer. It should never be worn under a double-breasted jacket. The neck of the jacket, in fact, must be large enough to allow the vest to be visible.

It needs to be comfortable and fit perfectly to your body, so you can wear your jacket over it. It should be long enough to cover and hide the waist in the front and discreetly hide the belt buckle. While laterally and on the back its length is generally shorter. This is where tailoring makes all the difference.

Notre Maison l'Esprit des Forts

How many buttons for your vest?

The higher the number of buttons, the higher the level of formality of the vest. A 3-button waistcoat will appear sportier and slimmer than an equivalent and straighter 6-button waistcoat.

We recommend that you always choose a jacket that has at least one more button than the jacket you want to wear with. If you wear it with a three button jacket, your vest should have at least four buttons. That’s good, ours have 5 !

Usually, the jacket is plain and has no lapel, a feature that gives it a more minimal, simple and versatile fit.

It should be worn over the shirt and under the jacket or blazer. As with the jacket, the rules for classic elegance look dictate that you should NEVER fasten the last button at the bottom. The reason is to avoid unexpected stiffness during disorderly and sudden movements.

If you want to adopt a more contemporary, “alternative dandy” style, you can wear a simple blazer over a shirtless shirt in an informal or professional setting, for example. Nowadays it is becoming very trendy.